An intelligent solution to manage your bookings effortlessly and connect with your customers in a meaningful way. The must-have solution for the business that requires to meet the mobility needs of millions of its customers and is willing to provide last-mile connectivity to them. With this vernacular application, one can book a ride conveniently, view the fares, get notified about the ride partner, and much more. It works as good as accessing taxis within the realm of its user's fingertips.



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Customer onboarding
Customer Onboarding

The passengers can register, login, and logout by following simple steps and with a multi-factor authentication system.

Profile setup
Profile Set-up

Allows passengers to change their profile details. Passengers can also set pickup location, preferred language, location, preferred currency, view trip history, referrals, promo code, ratings, and reviews

GPS navigation
GPS Navigation

Built-in navigation with Google maps helps in availing of the best option and ETA details.

Push notifications
Push Notifications

Notification for passengers to help them understand their location and deviation(if any) thereby keeping the entire trip experience smooth.

Real-time route tracking
Real-time Route Tracking

Passengers can track their drive in real-time and keep updated with all the status.

Bookings and payments
Bookings and Payments

The interactive map integrated within the app allows the user to see all the cars in real-time motion on the map, view available vehicle types with their rates, view blinking path between pickup,destination location, fare estimates, etc

Self-drive bookings
Self-drive Bookings

Allow the passengers to book self-drive cars of their choice by following simple steps. They also have the option to request a ride for others that sends ride details to them via SMS, schedule ride, cancel bookings and contact driver

Customer Support
Customer Support

Allow user to ensure their safety by asking safety queries and concerns on a real-time basis. They can also view available Passes and subscriptions, know about the company, access User Guide/FAQs and Privacy policy


Users can contact the authorities or set emergency numbers in case of emergencies.

Driver onboarding
Driver Onboarding

Allows the driver to add a vehicle and bank account details, type of vehicles, and other such details. Drivers can also easily add the required details and submit signup, login, and logout.


Drivers can change/add their profile details and get valuable stats and insights on their trips, effectiveness, and feedback.

Handicap accessibility
Handicap Accessibility.

This feature allows the driver to set their vehicle as accessible to those who are disabled or handicapped in order to empower those who are disabled or handicapped.

Ride functions
Ride Functions

Drivers can get access to ride requests received in real-time, view rider's profile, rating, accept/reject ride, view pickup and destination address, contact passenger and navigate to rider's location via street view

Head out online/offline button
Head out online/offline Button

Drivers can tag him or her online or offline anytime and remain flexible.

Upcoming Trips
Upcoming Trips

The View Upcoming Future Trips allows the driver to take a look at those trips that have been booked by the rider for a later date.

Driver Support
Driver Support

Allow drivers to ensure their safety by asking safety queries and concerns on a real-time basis. They can also view available passes and subscriptions, know about the company, etc.

Trip information
Trip Information

Drivers can obtain notifications on the app whenever a booking has been confirmed or about the upcoming rides.

Panic Button
Panic Button

Contact Police and send your location to your emergency contacts.

Admin Onboarding

Your staff can securely access the admin console through a two-factor verification.

Access control
User Access Control

Allow your staff to allocate and control access levels to different users of the taxi application admin panel.

Attractive Admin Dashboard
Attractive Admin Dashboard

It allows the admin to manage the overall functioning of the taxi App including the profile of the user, the driver as well as small taxi companies.

Complete CRM
Complete CRM

This feature assists the admin with a system that would help them offer their taxi services in a smooth and flawless manner.

Administrative functions
Administrative Functions

Admin can check all the drivers and customers registered with your services, enable Geo-restrictions, Manage passengers, drivers, ride options, tariffs, dispatch, Promotions, Revenue & Payroll.

Live tracking
Live Tracking

This feature allows your staff to keep a watch on the entire network with real-time status on a map.

In-app notifications
In-app Notifications

Admin can send notification of any news or promotion, which it wants the drivers and customers to know.

Mapping taxis
Mapping Taxis

Admin can see all the taxis on the world map. All taxi's which are online will show with their busy or empty status using the real-time GPS Tracking System.

Call Center - Dispatch Panel
Call Center - Dispatch Panel

This section allows the customer care to accept the calls of riders in need of a taxi ride and get a cab manually dispatched for them.

Analytics & Reporting
Analytics & Reporting

Its visually appealing reporting system, allows your staff to facilitate easy and quick reporting and analyze our earnings and commissions.

Customer Android App
Customer iOS App
Customer Web panel
Driver Android App
Driver iOS App
Admin Web panel
Landing Page
Drive efficiency

By streamlining and automating the booking stage, it speeds up the services and drives efficiency in its business operations.

Augment user base

Millions of people can avail of the services through a single app with a few taps. By giving easy access to taxi booking, one can augment its user base effortlessly.

Market research

With the help of advanced analytics, one can analyze the needs of users, current trends, and competitors' strategies to make sound business decisions.

Customer engagement

The app comes with vernacular features, that helps to keep your customers satisfied and engaged. This further helps you in enhancing your brand recognition.

Facilitate partnership

You can make a ridesharing app by partnering with freelance drivers to facilitate partnerships and enhance your business.

Heat Map

It allows the taxi business owners to identify the users that more frequently make use of its services.

Global solution

The solution can be customized to integrate multi-lingual and multi-currency support to ensure its use globally.

Corporate tie-ups

This feature allows the business to serve corporates by enabling them to control all the rides of their employees.

Share rides

It allows the user to share rides with another user on the same route thereby save money significantly.

Fare splitting

This feature is useful for shared rides and allows its users to split fare based on the ride.


Allow passengers and drivers to communicate within the application without requiring to disclose their contact details; thereby ensuring complete privacy.

Block fraud drivers

It provides the list of drivers who more frequently cancel taking rides and accepting too, which further helps in blocking such drivers.

Set Preference for the female driver if you are female

The Rider can choose to select the option of going with only female drivers available.

Set Preference for a taxi with handicap accessibility if the rider is physically challenged

The rider can choose to select the option of going with handicap accessible for the physically challenged if available.

Wallet to Wallet money transfer

Using this feature the users, drivers registered on the platform can transact between two different wallets.

Newsletter subscribe

Passengers can pay a tip to the driver as per his/her wish through the system. The tip will be recorded in the systems and will also show on financial reports.

Driver tips

Passengers can pay a tip to the driver as per his/her wish through the system. The tip will be recorded in the systems and will also show on financial reports.

SEO Settings

One can avail of premium SEO service to ensure that the app can be marketed well and can become more and more accessible to customers.

Auto-Deduction of Toll (in specific countries)

The app calculates and deducts Toll in rides where the toll is charged.

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