When it comes to communicating and enriching the knowledge of learners about the competitive exams, smartly designed applications comes as one of the best options that offers its users the strategies that can enhance their preparation and empower them with the huge collection of tests, classes, e-books and much more that are essential to crack the competitive exams. Our Competitive exams solution is designed to address all the issues of learners and provide the aspirants with smart learning tools that are easily accessible.







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Student onboarding
Student Onboarding

Students can log in using the student ID and password provided by the institute.


An interactive dashboard with details of trending exams, popular tests, ongoing offers, etc.

Profile Setup
Profile Set-up

The app allows you to set your preferred language, preferred currency, bookmarks, referrals, reviews, invite friends, promo codes, and other such details.


Under this section, the learner can access and attempt the tests in various categories like a mock test, sectional tests, GK tests. The tests are also categorized as per topics.

Discussion Forum
Discussion Forum

The learner can view, like, comment, share and attempt the posts or questions posted by admin under various categories. Also, the learner can access and share the top news for any particular day

Subscription & payments
Subscription & Payments

The learner can subscribe to various webinars/classrooms/courses, view active courses, time table, and duration, events, and news, received files, Subscribe to offline courses, and securelypay for subscriptions

Customer Support
Customer Support

Allow users to contact the company in case of any queries, know about the company, access user Guide/FAQs, and view the privacy policy

Tutor onboarding
Tutor Onboarding

Tutors can easily add the required details, submit signup, authenticate, login, and logout with a few taps.


An interactive dashboard to help tutors in having a glance and monitoring student activities at a single screen. It will show the attendance chart and ratio, Active classes, Test history

Personal Setup
Personal Set-up

Tutors can apply for leave and get access to the application status under this section, manage to-do checklist, save files, view notifications, and feedback. They can also change/add their profile details.

In-app chat
In-app Chat

The tutor can chat with learners or admin using this feature.

Track earnings
Track Earnings

Tutors can take care of their account facts; get a report on income, and more.

Subscription functions
Subscription Functions

Tutors can get access to assigned classes, view assigned courses, mark attendance and grades, real-time request, view learner's profile picture, and name, contact the learner, view upcoming class, etc.

Tutor Support
Tutor Support

The tutor can get the details of the company under this section view Guide/FAQs, Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, and Contact Admin

Admin onboarding
Admin Onboarding

Your staff can securely access the admin console through a two-factor verification.

Access control
User Access Control

Allow your staff to allocate and control access levels to different users of the admin panel.

Interactive Dashboard
Attractive Admin Dashboard

It allows the admin to manage the overall functioning of the App including the statistics of the learners, courses, guests, and tutors

Account settings
Account Settings

The admin can configure its system and change the settings related to it.

Live tracking
Live Tracking

This feature allows your staff to keep a watch on the entire network with real-time status on a system.

Administrative activities
Administrative Activities

The admin can manage categories, classroom, location, learners, tutors, modules, streams, courses, digital magazine, assessment, time table, tests, subscription packages, subjects, badges, and set timetable

Inquiry management
Inquiry Management

Your staff can have access to all the course schedule inquiries along with the details of lessons taught, tutor name, and duration of the lesson.

In-app Notifications

Admin can send notification of any news or promotion, which it wants the learners and tutors to know. Also, it can manage promotions.

Analytics & Reporting
Analytics & Reporting

Its visually appealing reporting system, allows your staff to facilitate easy and quick reporting and analyze learner's feedbacks, guest reports, and various other statistics.

Student Android App
Student iOS App
Student Web panel
Tutor Android App
Tutor iOS App
Tutor Web panel
Admin Web panel
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While offline classes fail to satisfy every need of students due to their time limit and the limited number of classes, online competitive exam app can help students to prepare for their exam at any time.

Unified Platform

It forms the bridge between the tutor, learners, and company to enable high-quality education and knowledge dissertation.

Monetization opportunity

The app owner can earn through subscriptions and in-app advertisements.


By tracking the performance of application and user search patterns, the business can get insights on popular courses and design the learner engagement strategies.


By delivering the lessons online quickly and easily saves the cost of physical classrooms, stationery, and much more.

Bulletin board

Bulletin boards are essential to keep learners motivated.

Open-Discussion forums

The app can possess an advanced feature to facilitate discussion for both learners and tutors and share their knowledge

Heat Map

It allows the E-learning business owners to identify the users that more frequently make use of its services.

Global solution

The solution can be customized to integrate multi-lingual and multi-currency support to ensure its use globally.


Allows learners and tutors to communicate within the application without requiring to disclose their contact details; thereby ensuring complete privacy.

SEO Settings

One can avail of premium SEO service to ensure that the app can be marketed well and can become more and more accessible to customers.

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