Wearable devices offer a plethora of functions which make them very useful in our daily lives and is one of the most often talked about and hyped technology these days. These multi-function, multi-sensor, and multi-standard devices are becoming as common as smartphones and are getting a big break into the densely networked world. Smart/wearable devices are used for almost everything knowledge, work, entertainment, play, communication, exploration,

and tracking information on a real-time basis. It has motion sensors that identify the gist of your day-to-day activities and sync it with other devices. The wide range of wearable devices available in the market are watches, fitness trackers, head-mounted displays, smart jewelry, clothing, and many more that influence healthcare sector, medicine fitness, aging, education, and other fields.

Udupi Web Solutions is a leading wearable app development company and trusted partner in your connected ideas. Our expertise and experience in smart wearable development are customized to support your business logic. The feature-rich apps run smoothly on cross-functional platforms and are highly futuristic and scalable. Also, if you are seeking to transform your existing app into the wearable compatible one our experts can help you out.

A Broad Spectrum of Features in Wearable Watch

Features of Smart/Wearable Devices

  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Ergonomic user experience
  • Tailored notifications
  • Accessibility to data
  • AR/VR reinforced
  • Integration Abilities

Advantages Of Smart/Wearable Devices

  • For companies offering wearable device apps to their employees, it facilitates communication, Jobsite safety, track employees, and manage time cards efficiently. It also helps in improving their health and quality of life.
  • For care providers, it helps in monitoring the patient’s health, notifying doctors, uploading data to virtual charts, paying close attention to stress, sleep, blood pressure, and other multiple activities that improve the healthcare outcomes dramatically.
  • For businesses aspiring to provide extra value to their customers, wearable device apps gather a huge amount of raw data, that can be processed to analyze customer behavior and actionable insights.
  • It also helps in increasing the market presence of the company, raise awareness amongst consumers, and help an organization to stay connected with its customers.

Smart and Wearable Application Services

Augmented App
Augmented Reality Apps

Our apps help you experience the real-world from a 3D perspective anywhere anytime. Just visit real-life places, surroundings, things, and people, through our AR apps right from your smart device.

Car Dashboard
Car Dashboard Apps

If you are always on the drive, you surely require our car dashboard apps featuring highly useful functionalities like weather information, satellite navigation, voice control based commands, to name a few.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality Apps

With a close resemblance to virtual reality, our VR apps will let you immerse into a whole different world having no existence physically. Such apps will let you experience an electronic world resembling much like a real one.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Apps

We have a range of AI apps powering your Smart device, NLP makes them effective enough to process Text/Voice commands, and deliver information accordingly.

Smart Watch App
Smart Watch App Development

Our developers are well versed in bringing life to Apple iWatch by leveraging the Watchkit environment; as well as develop wonderful Android Watch apps using Android Wear APIs.

Smart Tv App
Smart TV Apps

We find it really exciting to develop apps for Smart TVs like Apple TV, Samsung TV, Google TV, and even more. With consumer electronics giants getting into the Smart TV arena, demand for Smart TV apps is only going to increase in the future.

If you are willing to create an ecosystem that embraces the power of your wearable device app to run through all smart devices, engage with us. Our experts will assist in developing an app that can be expanded to a wide range of devices to facilitate communication and unleash multiple possibilities.

Do you have a Smart/Wearable project in mind? Get a head start with us!