Flutter is an open-source technology powered by Google to create native Android and iOS apps with a single codebase. It is a comprehensive and full-fledged software development kit that contains a rendering engine, readymade widgets, testing, and integration APIs, command-line tools, and everything a developer needs to develop a cross-platform application. Flutter offers crucial advantages to businesses as its development process is quick and the cost

of production is low. Besides this, the flutter apps are visually appealing and UI is smoothly animated which ensures user engagement. Moreover, it combines all the features of the native performance like navigation, scrolling, icons, and fonts to allow the businesses to work with an existing part of the application and there is no requirement to have a full application in the Flutter.

Udupi Web Solutions is known as a top Flutter App Development company, that has a vigorous focus on developing hybrid mobile apps with rich and promising features. Our experts customize the widgets to create a highly responsive application that exceeds the expectations of its users.

Famous Apps Developed using Flutter kit

Features of Flutter Apps

  • 2D mobile app support
  • Appealing designs
  • Minimal code
  • Customizable widgets
  • Camera, Geolocation, Storage, Network support
  • Hot Reload
  • Native features and SDKs

Advantages of Flutter App Development

  • Flutter Apps are cost-effective where a single code base is used to develop applications for both iOS and Android; thereby eliminates the need for having separate iOS and Android developers.
  • With Flutter mobile app, deployment of new features, and maintenance is now much easier and comfortable, as a single code base is required to deploy the application.
  • The advanced UX/UI helps businesses to engage their customers and retain them in the long term. Also, the app looks the same on older versions, so there are no additional costs for supporting the older devices.
  • The architecture of Flutter apps allows it to work faster and smoother without hanging and cutting when one scrolls them.
  • Its cross-platform functionality caters to Android and iOS users thereby enhance the reach of your business.


Flutter App Tools
  • Panache
  • Codemagic
  • Appetize
  • TestMagic
  • Screenshots
  • Supernova
  • Adobe plugins
  • Pub.dev
  • Firebase
  • Vysor
  • Rive

Flutter App Services

Flutter App Development
Flutter App Development

Udupi Web Solutions has a highly experienced team of developers who adopt a holistic approach in developing applications that suit your business needs.

App consultation
App Consultation

Our 20+ years of experience have helped us to provide meaningful application consulting services to clients across various industries. They have seen dramatic differences in their business performance by relying on us.

 App UI/UX Designing
UX/UI Designing

Our smartly designed UX/UI takes your customer experience to the next level and help you create a differential brand image.

App Integration
App Integration

Our experts seamlessly integrate independently designed apps to work together; thereby, ensuring your operational efficiency is optimized and you get the highest business value possible.

Maintenance And support
Maintenance and Support

At Udupi Web Solutions, we believe in providing the maintenance and support services that satisfy our clients and take care of all their concerns.

If you have an innovative app idea, we have a plan for you. Together we can develop an app that addresses all your concerns and meet your business objectives. Leave your app development and deployment worries on us while you focus on your core business.

Build stunning Flutter app for scalable and highly interactive businesses