As cloud technologies and platforms are becoming mature, modern clouds are broadly converging in terms of functionality and scope. When it comes to providing complex services on a global scale, cloud applications play an important role. These applications are internet-based programs wherein processing logic and data storage are processed in the cloud rather than a device.

Moreover, It allows the data processing to be handled either by the cloud via an API or a hybrid of both. Cloud applications come under three categories Software As A Service(SaaS), PaaS, and IaaS that are designed to reduce the costs of handling infrastructure, augment accessibility, standardization, and address several business challenges.

Building trustworthy and highly available cloud applications are inherently complex and error-prone, so it is essential to rely on the developer’s expertise. Udupi Web Solutions provides a wide array of cloud application development services that can take the innovation level of your business high.

Cloud App Architecture

Features of Cloud Applications

  • Simplicity and Speed
  • Independent and Autonomous services
  • Elastic infrastructure
  • Asynchronous communication
  • Persistence
  • High abstraction level
  • Automated capabilities

Advantages of Cloud Application Services

  • As the programs and files are stored in the cloud, it minimizes the use of resources in upgrading the IT infrastructure and reduces costs substantially.
  • It is not reliable on the digital storage capacities of the device, so the issues of hardware failures can be handled effectively.
  • The cloud-based applications allow businesses to be on the fast track, by allowing them access to the cloud.
  • It helps in mitigating the risks of establishing an infrastructural setup.
  • Since the application is not tied to a single machine, it can be accessed from a wide variety of devices.
  • The applications are highly scalable without increasing capital costs.

Cloud Application Services

Cloud Platform Services
Cloud Platform Services

We offer multiple cloud computing platforms and guidance to select the right choice for hosting or developing application or integrations needs.

Application Modernization
Application Modernization

Cloud-native modernization services help you in leveraging the full potential and long-term benfits of running the applications and IT infrastructure on the cloud.

Application Development
Application Development

The cloud-native application development services can help in building applications with speed and discovering new business models thereby saving significant costs.

Application Management
Application Management

We believe in continuous improvement and optimization, hence our application management services can enhance your app portfolio by continuous monitoring.

Cloud Consulting
Cloud Consulting

Transitioning to the cloud may or may not be the right decision for all businesses, our consulting experts can help you in evaluating the right parameters and enable you to make an informed decision.

If you are considering moving to the cloud, we are here to help you. We not only specialize in developing cloud computing applications but also assist you in evaluating if moving to the cloud is beneficial for you or not. Our holistic planning and implementation strategies ease out your transition and ensure you get the top experience.

Are you looking to develop, migrate or move application to cloud?