Most Popular Questions

1. Why should we choose Udupi Web Solutions over another agency?

We have over 7+ years of experience in Software and App Development providing services across all over the world. Therefore, our clients have chosen us as their first priority as we have the capabilities to successfully deliver complex software and app development projects.

2. Where Udupi Web Solutions is located?

The headquarter of the Udupi Web Solutions is situated in Udupi-Karnataka, India. The company also has its development centers in Manipal.

3. How do I begin my project with you?

We made it simple for our Clients. You can either contact us at +918884200788 or mail us at

4. What kind of support will I receive throughout the development process?

We will assign you a dedicated team and project manager, who will be your main point of contact throughout the software and app development process. We also offer support and range of service options to ensure that we respond to your requests after the launch date.

5. Which Are The Top 3 Geographies, Where You Have The Densest Customer Base?

As a leading Software and Application Development Company, we have a presence in several geographic regions such as India, USA, Middle and Middle East.

6. How to track the software or app development progress of my Project?

We will give you access to the project management tool to track the complete progress.

7. Do I Get the Right On the Codebase Of the App?

Once the 100% payment cleared, you will own all source code.You will be assigned the copyright or appropriate license for the custom code we write for your project.

8. What are the processes you follow for mobile app development?

Here is our app development process.

  • Project Discovery & Analyzing Requirements
  • Scoping & Estimations
  • Wireframing & Designing
  • Development
  • Testing
  • App Store Optimization
  • Publishing
  • Maintenance & Support

All General Questions

9. What types of Industries you served?

We have catered to the needs of business owners in industries such as Logistics, Ecommerce, Retail, Education, Finance, Fitness & Healthcare, Media and more.

10. How long have you been providing mobile app development services?

We at Udupi Web Solutions, been providing mobile application development services since 2015.

11. Do you provide maintenance services?

At Udupi Web Solutions, we are well known for providing full-Software and app Development cycle solutions. From design to after-sales support and maintenance, we stay with you every step and ensure that your application is bug free and stays in the future.

12. Do you consult your clients at every stage of a project or revert to them only when you have turned it around?

At Udupi Web Solutions, we work closely with our customers and open for your suggestions and comments at each stage of the development cycle. We will also make sure that all your feedbacks and suggestions are implemented in the development cycle to deliver your dream app or software.

13. Can you help me in marketing and launching my app?

We have experienced professionals in marketing and submission process and they will guide you smoothly throughout the entire procedure.

14. How will you handle project payments from us?

We operate on milestone-wise this means a project predicated on its phases of progress is usually divided into unique segments. Upon the completion of every milestone that is piece of work agreed between client and us, client must release payment to the specific milestone.

15. How Much Transparency Can I Expect?

You can expect 100% full transparency throughout the software and app development process

16. What are The Maximum and Minimum Size of Companies You Have Provided Your Services to?

We have provided over 1500+ services to all kind of small to big sized companies.

17. Can You Share a Portfolio Of Your Previous Work?

Yes, we can share you our Portfolio under the various industries we provided our services to and you can visit our Case Studies page to browse our recent work.

18. I have my unique app idea- how I can share it with you to make sure, it is secure?

At Udupi Web Solutions, we are ready to sign NDA even before sharing your idea with us; however, we make sure to keep high level of confidentiality in relation to your idea, with an NDA and even without it.

19. What if I am non-technical person who wants to develop an app and how can you assist me?

In that case, you can just drop us an email with what you think, and our sales team will help you define a system flow; which will be followed by the development of your product.

20. What is ballpark cost to create an application?

Each app has its own features and complexity when developing applications, the cost depends on the scope and complexity of the app.

21. What would be the payment policy?

Payment of the project will be defined in steps and at the end of each stage, which approves work piece, we agreed; make you pay for this step.

22. Would you help us to setup server?

We can perform basic commands to configure your server at no additional cost. For broad support, you can rent our server experts on a contractual basis.

23. Do you take care of deployment of app in app store or would I need to take care of that part myself?

Indeed, that would be our free service, and part of our contract as well.

24. What would be covered in free support period?

Currently, all our services come with a limited-time free support period. During this period will provide minor bug fixing, OS upgrade, minor text/label correction and our free technical guidance.

25. Do you follow AGILE methodology?

The AGILE and HYBRID process is far more flexible than any other methodology, so at Udupi Web Solutions we follow both Agile and Hybrid methodology depending on the project size and type.

26. Who will pay third party fees?

Since it is a third-party fee, so all third party costs would be on you

27. What is your overall experience in terms of software and app project completions?

As a Top software and app development company, we have successfully completed more than 5000+ projects with more than 1000 satisfied customers worldwide!

28. Do you have in house design team?

Yes, we have in house experienced design team as well as Quality Assurance (QA) team along with highly skilled development teams.

29. What is your team strength?

Currently we have 100+ tech and skilled experts having knowledge and working in different technologies.

30. Do you face any limitations with different time zones and how do you overcome it?

No! We have worked with clients around the world with time unique zone and adapt with the customer to do the job very effectively.

31. What business models do you offer?

We offer 3 types of business models.

1. Fix Price model     2. Hire a Team     3. Hourly basis model

32. Would you assist your clients by providing the consultation before starting the project?

Yes, with a small amount of hourly charge; you can use your skills to build your ideas.

33. Do you follow international process?

Yes, we follow the proven industry process as well as the necessary tools and applications for project management, bug tracking tools and code versioning.

34. Are my business secrets and information safe with your company?

Yes - the customer owns the information shared by the client for development purposes. Neither the company nor designated developer may sell, transfer or use the work product to any party other than the customer.

35. Do you sign an NDA?

Yes. You can rely on our developers to maintain your plans and ideas safe. Once the project is completed, we will deliver the application and source code for you.

36. How do you make sure you build what I want, and don’t get it wrong?

We do not just blindly start building your needs; we start it by having a discussion in meeting to understand commercial factors driving the need for your project.

37. What if we already have designs, can you work with those?

Of course we do. We prefer to follow our own design process, if possible, because it allows us to offer the best quality and consistency, but can be flexible with this.

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